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The wide range of Wood of Fire products opens the door to almost unlimited possibilities in project implementation. Not only due to the variety of wood species and methods of finishing, but also due to the availability of various variants of board profiling.

Our offer includes wooden panels available in several profiles, which can then be subjected to the process of firing, painting or impregnation. On individual request, it is also possible to create profiles outside our standard offer.

Various board profiles allow you to choose the optimal installation system, thanks to which our products will adapt to the specific structural and aesthetic requirements of each project.It is worth remembering that depending on the selected profile, the covering area of ​​the wooden board changes (which should be taken into account when calculating the amount of material needed).

In case of any doubts or questions, we provide advice and technical advice.

Wood profiling: from vision to implementation

Wood profiling: from vision to implementation

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Wide selection of available profiles
Diversified assembly systems

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