Painting the boards

Thanks to advanced automation and extensive machinery, we offer the highest level of impregnation and painting services for both fired and raw boards.

Our offer includes a wide selection of preparations dedicated to wooden surfaces – from natural oils, through transparent glazes, to protective and decorative glazes with pigmentation. In the case of the latter, it is possible to color them in any color from the RAL palette.

Painting with a transparent glaze creates a smooth and transparent protective coating, while emphasizing the grain and maintaining the natural appearance of the wood structure. Coloring glazes also allow you to achieve an original decorative effect by giving the board the desired color. The oil, in turn, penetrates deep into the board without creating any coating or changing its appearance. However, it perfectly protects the wood against sunlight and moisture.

Painting and impregnation of boards: durability meets color

Painting and impregnation of boards: durability meets color

Completely mechanized process
Impregnation with transparent or opaque glazes
Pigmentation in any RAL color

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