MP_II House

The house with the mysterious name MP_II is the quintessence of the symbiosis of architecture and nature.

Oliwer Rasztawicki (from Rasztawicki Architekci), Marek Kruk (from Kruk Architekci)
MP_II House

Photos: ONI studio

The authors of the project wanted the multidimensionality of this issue: the context of the place, scale, materials, colors, chiaroscuro, interpenetration of worlds.

The house is located on a plot densely covered with trees. However, it was fitted between existing trees, eliminating felling but gaining the desired area. The materials used on the façade are designed to harmonize with the surroundings, as softly as the existing trees, and to respond to the play of light and shadow. Therefore, the choice fell on wooden facade boards, tanned to dark brown (MAZURIA-2). The dark façade was contrasted with the interior of the house, kept in light tones and minimalist style.

A one-story building with a low silhouette reminiscent of the Japanese style was designed on an L-shaped plan, which allowed for separating the living area from the private zone. The roof, slightly extended in relation to the body, was supported on wooden poles. Combined with large glazing, this gives the whole thing a certain lightness, despite the apparent massiveness of the facility.


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