Impregnation for NRO

We realize how important the safety of materials used in construction is, especially in the case of public buildings. That is why we offer a specialist wood protection service so that it meets the NRO fire resistance class standards.

The NRO fire resistance class means that the material, in this case wood, has been processed in such a way that its ability to ignite is significantly reduced. Thanks to this, in the event of a fire, the spread of fire is minimized, which can be a decisive factor in protecting people’s lives and property.

Fire retardant impregnation involves applying several layers of an appropriate colorless preparation.This process increases the safety of using wood without negatively affecting its natural properties and visual effects. So regardless of whether it is a fired, painted or raw board, each product from our offer canbe protected to the NRO non-flammability level.

Safety and quality go hand in hand

Safety and quality go hand in hand

Meeting fire safety standards
Unchanged properties and aesthetics of wood
Possibility to secure each product from our offer

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