Wood Impregnation with Fire – Why Should It Be Entrusted to Specialists?

Before King Casimir the Great left Poland built of stone, practically every building was made of wood. This natural material served excellently as a construction material for cottages in both villages and cities.

Wood Impregnation with Fire – Why Should It Be Entrusted to Specialists?

However, its main problem was that it could be destroyed by fire quite quickly and easily. This was one of the reasons why more durable solutions in the form of stone and concrete began to be used. For many years, construction focused on these materials, virtually forgetting about the natural resource. However, this trend has been reversing in recent years. People are increasingly deciding to use wooden planks for facades, for instance. This is all due to the popularization of an old method of plank impregnation, which involves burning them. After burning off cellulose, among other components, this material becomes more resistant to flames, and this factor decides the return to favor of the natural resource. Can such impregnation be done by oneself? Or is it better to entrust the task to specialists? We will answer this question in our article!


Safe Wood Impregnation with Fire? Entrust It to Specialists

Wood impregnation with fire is an extremely demanding task, so it’s better to entrust the execution to specialists. Firstly, it’s a matter of safety. Secondly, professionals use advanced machines that allow for the treatment of this raw material in special ovens. This enables the programming of such devices to the appropriate parameters to achieve the effect expected by the client. Moreover, such actions ensure greater durability of the wood, which is extremely important when it is to be installed on the exterior of a building. By entrusting the task to specialists, we also gain a warranty for the ordered planks. In case of any defects or discrepancies, one can always contact the company for the replacement of the given product or even the entire batch. Undertaking such impregnation on one’s own does not provide this kind of support. That’s why it’s worthwhile to benefit from the many years of experience of a company providing such services, to ensure that the planks will last for many years.

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