Wood for Exterior Cladding with NRO Protection

Homes, churches, schools, and other buildings were once constructed solely from wood. It was one of the cheapest materials available for such constructions, which is why it’s not surprising that every village had such structures.

Wood for Exterior Cladding with NRO Protection

However, a significant downside was their susceptibility to fire. Sometimes in movies, we observe how quickly fire could spread across a building, destroying all of people’s belongings. Consequently, more and more people began to opt for building homes and other structures out of bricks. These were usually much sturdier constructions, which is why this material quickly became the primary construction resource. It remains popular to this day. However, fire-resistant wood is also gaining popularity. It proves to be an excellent option for part of the exterior cladding, combined with appropriate protection. Here, we are talking about Shou Sugi Ban boards.


Shou Sugi Ban Fire-Charred Boards on Public Buildings

A new trend, which works well for both ordinary homes and public buildings, involves using wood on the facade. An additional option that is often utilized is the protection of the material to the NRO fire-resistance class. This standard is responsible for the fire-resistance requirements of each board. Thus prepared, it can also be certified. This is one of the additional options. Shou Sugi Ban wood is protected in the final stage of production with specially prepared substances designed to preserve the natural material. Moreover, the used substances must meet the EN 13501-1 standard. In the case of fire-charred board methods, using such substances increases resistance to various external factors. Additionally, the wood surface does not get dirty, and its durability increases to several years without the need for impregnation or other treatments. This is why Shou Sugi Ban fire-charred boards are increasingly becoming the chosen material for exterior cladding on public buildings. Furthermore, thanks to this method, it has a unique appearance, giving each building additional character. As we all know, durability, high quality, and attractive appearance are the perfect combination for such materials. After all, public buildings should present themselves appropriately.

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