What is the Most Durable Wood Impregnation Method? – Shou Sugi Ban

Natural materials in construction and interior design are making a comeback and are eagerly used. This is particularly evident with wood, which is increasingly used in various types of countertops, tables, chairs, and even fences.

What is the Most Durable Wood Impregnation Method? – Shou Sugi Ban

However, as is well known, such a raw material needs to be cared for to prevent damage by various pests. There are several methods of impregnating natural material, but which one is the most durable? One of the most popular methods is oiling, but the Japanese solution known as Shou Sugi Ban should not be forgotten. What is it based on? Why is it gaining popularity? You will learn about this from our article.


What is Shou Sugi Ban – the Japanese Method of Wood Impregnation?

It seemed that fire was rather the greatest threat to all kinds of boards. However, Japanese craftsmen showed that it is quite the opposite! It turns out that it is a natural method of wood impregnation. Shou Sugi Ban, which can be translated as charred cedar plank, involves completely controlled burning of the board. They can be further processed, i.e., sanded to obtain a smooth surface and covered with varnish, wax, or oil. It is also possible to leave the charred layer, which will serve as an additional barrier against external factors. After such treatments, the wood has a unique appearance due to the visible grains and is properly protected. During the Shou Sugi Ban process, cellulose is burned, a substance that is food for many insects and fungi. By charring the boards, craftsmen remove its layer, thereby reducing the chance of potential insect invasion or rotting of the structure. Moreover, through this impregnation method, the wood also becomes resistant to fire!


Why Does Shou Sugi Ban Gain popularity nowadays?

Furniture and facades created using fire-charred boards are gaining popularity due to their durability but also their unique appearance. The natural decorative element will certainly intrigue guests with its distinctive color and visible grain pattern.


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