The modern barn-style house covered with charred Shou Sugi Ban decking boards.

What characterizes a modern barn-style house? Modern barn-style houses typically refer to single-volume buildings with a gabled roof. Classic barn-style house designs are created with the highest energy efficiency in mind.

The process of wood carbonization, which involves restricting air and burning off organic matter, makes the wood more resistant to decay. Nevertheless, over the long term, under the influence of various factors, it can degrade.

The modern barn-style house covered with charred Shou Sugi Ban decking boards.

A distinctive feature that connects the vast majority of these buildings is the gabled roof and rectangular form. Occasionally, there are designs in the shape of an L or T. Balconies or terraces are rare in modern barns. Besides being the warmest, these simple-shaped houses are also the cheapest to build. Barn-style houses are also distinguished by panoramic windows, adding to their original appearance.

Currently, it’s very fashionable to combine at least two types of materials on the facade. Wood and stone or their imitations, brick, and plastics are trendy combinations. However, it’s wood that stands out from the range of materials that can be used as the facade of a modern barn-style house, thanks to its nobility.

It all depends on the individual idea of the designer and their agreements with the client. It’s possible to use wooden cladding on the entire surface of the building or just as individual decorations. A popular solution is to lay boards on the front wall of the building or decorate walls inside a terrace or vestibule.

A barn-style house with charred decking boards.

Using the appropriate cladding will emphasize the exceptional simple form of the modern barn-style house. Nowadays, designers place considerable emphasis on sustainable development and environmental care. Interest in the Yakisugi technique fits into this trend. Charred wood is fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Cladding with charred wood is not only durable and provides additional protection, but also offers a unique style that makes modern barn-style houses covered with Shou Sugi Ban boards stand out, attracting attention with their incredible appearance and not allowing anyone to pass by indifferently. We have many finishing options for wood, from MAZURIA boards, which feature a light charring with visible slightly burnt hard wood structure, to dark heavily charred SILESIA boards in the strongest charring version.

Boards charred with the traditional Japanese technique become very resistant to external factors and maintain their appearance for 40-50 years.

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