“The Black House”

The modern BARN by Maciek Rempalski from modernstudio is a blend of minimalism and elegance in a black rendition.

“The Black House”

Through the collaboration between the architect and the investor, the presented “Black House” stands out for its modern design and solutions, while its simplicity and the use of natural wood in the project enhance its visual appeal, making it impossible to pass by the BARN indifferently.

The striking, raw form of the building is attributed to the wooden facade made of Siberian larch from the manufacturer of charred boards, Wood of Fire. The wood used in the project has undergone thermal treatment using the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban method, which primarily preserves it through the charring process, making it durable for years to come. Additionally, it accentuates the natural aesthetic qualities of the wood by bringing out its depth of color, making the boards more unique. With these preserved boards using the aforementioned technique, they can now be used not only for facades but also for building fences, decorating interior walls, or constructing wooden terraces.

The panoramic glazing of the black BARN allows natural light into the living room, enabling users to commune with the surrounding nature. These extensive windows fulfill the vision and concept of a modern home designed to enhance the ability to coexist with the surrounding environment. Special attention was also paid to the landscape architecture surrounding the garden, which seamlessly complements the minimalist form of the building.

Creating harmony and maintaining stylistic consistency, the fence around the house was also arranged using the same materials as the building’s facade. A wooden fence made of charred boards from Wood of Fire effectively encloses the property while captivating with its natural charm. Wood allows for controlling the degree of transparency and shaping possibilities. The fence made of charred wood from Wood of Fire ensures long-lasting durability and eliminates the need for periodic maintenance. Through charring, the boards gain resilience to weather and mechanical factors while maintaining their natural and aesthetic appearance.

The Black BARN presented in the photos is a proposition for those who appreciate functionality, minimalism, and attention-grabbing aesthetic finishing, creating a unique atmosphere and living space.

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