The Bosutów Volunteer Fire Department fire station building

In Bosutowo, a small town located in the Zielonki commune, a modern fire station was built according to the concept of the Manecki Design Studio.

Author's Design Studio Manecki
The Bosutów Volunteer Fire Department fire station building

To finish the façade, the architects decided to use boards fired in the Shou Sugi Ban technique, finished in the SILESIA-3 variant. It is a larch board, fired, brushed, re-fired and finally impregnated. This method of wood preservation not only increases its durability and resistance to weather conditions and insects, but also gives it an attractive appearance. The use of black, charred boards was a deliberate measure associated with fire extinguishing.

To contrast with the black facade, a yellow finish was used around the doors and windows, which – as the architects explain – is a reference to warning signs. Additionally, the fire station is an eye-catching element the roof is inverted and slopes inwards. The building houses, among others: a garage for emergency vehicles, a workshop, a warehouse, a cloakroom with sanitary facilities, a duty room, a multi-purpose room with kitchen facilities and an administration and office room.

The building was designed in the central part of the plot, blending in with the surrounding area – referring to it with sloping roof slopes. Due to its strong form and colors, it also creates a reference point for the development of this part of the yet undeveloped town.

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