StodoLove – a modern barn

An interior designer from Gdynia, Anna Maria Sokołowska, took on the difficult task of transforming an old farm building from 1940 into a beautiful modern barn. This is how the extraordinary StodoLove project was created.

Anna Maria Sokołowska
StodoLove – a modern barn

The main idea was to create a building that would attract the eye with its simplicity, while at the same time fitting into the context of the place and surroundings. When designing the external zone of the building, the owner focused on simplicity and naturalness. After several years of renovation, which also included an extension with a superstructure, a simple shape emerged, with a gable roof, without any unnecessary decorations, dormers or bay windows.

Where did the idea for a black house façade come from? Tracing the history of the town where the modern barn was to be built, the architect discovered that the farm buildings here were often black in color – from tar, which was used to protect the wood against moisture. Hence the decision to cover the roof with fired Siberian larch boards (SILESIA-2) and the façade with Scandinavian spruce (KARPATIA-2).

Additionally, the form of the black sliding shutters on the ground floor refers to traditional barn doors. All these nuances make the whole thing coherent and unobtrusive. There is no point in looking for huge glazing or modern terraces here – but there is a simple form and minimalism that the designer and her family love.

The interiors are planned in a standard material and color base, focusing on white, gray, black and natural oak wood. As the architect emphasizes, she wanted to create a space where you could relax and calm down from excess stimuli.

The StodoLove project has received prestigious awards such as Bronze Award – A’Design Award 2022-2023 and Silver Winner – Muse Design Awards 2023.

Photos: Fotomohito

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