Rural habitat immersed in nature

Divider. Absolutely, it is a unique house located on a small slope, away from a busy road that can be reached from Warsaw in less than an hour.

Rural habitat immersed in nature

Although only an inconspicuous wall can be seen from the road, in front there is a beautiful large terrace, glass walls and wonderful views.

The building itself is a two-story summer house from the 1960s. Although it remained uninhabited for years and in increasingly worse condition, its potential attracted the attention of future owners. They took on this difficult task and, with their enthusiasm and hard work, achieved an extraordinary metamorphosis. The house was originally wooden – and it remains so, although in a slightly modernized form. Mainly natural materials were used for finishing – wood, wicker and stone. When planning the facade, the owners were inspired by the Japanese wood burning technique Shou Sugi Ban. This method not only gives a great visual effect, but also increases the durability and resistance of wood to weather conditions. SILESIA-1 boards were chosen, thanks to which the building fits perfectly into the surrounding trees.

The hosts rent the house to people who are looking – like themselves – for peace in a beautiful place or an escape from everyday life. Visitors appreciate nature, silence, peace and closeness to the surrounding nature.

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