Forest Botanical Garden “Marszewo” in Gdynia

In 2016, the Krakow studio Gierbienis + Poklewski won the architectural competition for an educational building in the Forest Botanical Garden “Marszewo” in Gdynia.

Gierbienis + Poklewski studio
Forest Botanical Garden “Marszewo” in Gdynia

After almost 8 years, the project was completed and in the second half of 2023, the educational center was officially opened to visitors.

To avoid the construction of a large-scale building, the architects designed a set of dispersed, minimalist shapes that their form refers to the archetype of a barn. The facility that was built consists of two separate, two-story buildings and a glass connector. On a total area of ​​400 square meters, space has been arranged for a permanent exhibition and two teaching rooms where workshops and classes for students, seniors and others will be organized. An office area and an information point were also created, where guests can learn about all the attractions of the botanical garden and explore the sightseeing paths.

The educational pavilion was built using CLT technology (Cross Laminated Timber)made of prefabricated elements made of larch wood. This involves cross-gluing wood, making its strength similar to steel. Additionally, the facility has efficient thermal insulation and is fireproof. It is worth noting that this is the first administrative building in Poland constructed using this technology, which the architects proudly emphasize.

The colors of the building are eye-catching. The warmth of the wood inside contrasts with the black façade it was finished with fired boards in the SILESIA-1 variant. The architects wanted to the project was withdrawn from nature and belonged to the environment, with the least visible interference in the existing landscape. Hence the decision to build an entirely wooden object in dark colors, which has a chance to blend into the forest background. Choosing fired wood is not only an original, but also a practical solution that allows you to protect the facade against weather conditions, UV and insects. Additionally, the boards were secured fire retardant to the fire resistance class (NRO).

This project received the Grand Prix of the 5th edition of the architectural competition under the slogan “Turn vision into design” and the main prize of the 11th edition of the competition for the Award. Maciej Nowicki. The main tasks in both competitions were to present an energy-saving building combining design and ecology.


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