Single-family house in Germany

Sustainable development is one of the latest trends in modern construction, largely resulting from the growing awareness of investors.

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Single-family house in Germany

This concept aims to minimize the negative impact of buildings on the environment through optimal energy efficiency and efficient use of resources. A great example is a compact single-family house, which was built in a small town near the German Alps.

A number of innovative solutions help in creative and functional use of space, but above all in the optimized use of energy. Among other things, the decision was made to choose an ecological structure made of solid wood with blown-in cellulose insulation. In addition, a photovoltaic installation placed on the roof of the house drives a heat pump that powers the underfloor heating and provides hot water. Excess energy produced is stored in batteries. Generating and using energy from low-emission, renewable sources makes this quite small and inconspicuous house energy self-sufficient.

Despite the relatively small area, the house provides comfortable conditions for the entire family of five. The large, open kitchen connects to the living room, which is extended by a terrace, located on the south-west side. Floor-to-ceiling windows and no corridors make the interiors as spacious as they are practical. Bright interiors contrast with the anthracite roof and black facade of the house. In the second part of the garden there is a second, smaller building that houses a studio and a garage.

The facade of both buildings was covered with fired larch boards, finished in the SILESIA-2 variant. The wood burning technique, modeled on the traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban method, adds unique aesthetic values ​​to the façade, which in a way serves as a representative building. On the other hand, this technique also provides excellent protection of the wooden facade against weather conditions, biological factors and fire.

It is worth mentioning that this project won second prize in the “New Building” category at the KfW Construction Award 2021, which rewards projects that combine attractive architecture with energy efficiency and living comfort.

Photo: Claus Morgenstern

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