Lobby and staircase of the HELLO office building in Łódź

Interior transformation often turns out to be a more demanding topic than a project carried out from scratch.

Luna Architecture
Lobby and staircase of the HELLO office building in Łódź

Because if you have existing items, such as the floor or ceiling, they need to be harmonized with the new vision of the place. The starting point for the metamorphosis of the HELLO office building in Łódź was the fact that a painting by Piotr Czajkowski from the “Metro” series will be hung in the entrance lobby. The designers admit that the entire interior was inspired by this painting. The space was created in the atmosphere of a New York office building, where they imagined how The Great Gatsby would host them.

The interior is dominated by the color of dark, dark chocolate, which corresponds beautifully with plants and ultramarine accessories. In the main lobby, on a wall covered with fired boards, there is the previously mentioned painting by Tchaikovsky. It is surrounded by amber-shaped lamps and lush vegetation. An openwork, golden structure in the form of a grid, which refers to the painting, separates the lobby space. Thanks to this procedure, the interior does not lose its spaciousness, and the lobby becomes a very cozy corner. The stairs next to it lead to the reception and elevator. The walls along the length are painted dark brown, and the elevators have been replaced with an ultramarine color. Their door frames were also covered with black fired KARPATIA-2 boards.

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