Fence made of fired boards in the STAV housing estate

STAV housing estate is an intimate, modern and at the same time ecological place near Łagiewniki in Łódź. The investment consists of 10 single-family houses, each with a separate entrance and two terraces.

Fence made of fired boards in the STAV housing estate

Such solutions have been planned to make not only the process of their creation, but also their subsequent use, as ecological as possible. The developer’s intention was to interfere as little as possible with the ecosystem in which the investment is being made. Therefore, several dozen trees and plant species were planted that generate up to 80% more oxygen than average garden plants. The investment focused on good materials, lighting and functionality. Despite the relatively dense development, the privacy of the residents was taken care of: the blocks were moved so that the terraces of the houses were in different places. The white façade of simple shapes contrasts with the dark fence. Fences in front of the houses were made of fired SILESIA-2 boards.

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