A tree house

Charred House is a project by Mattias Stenberg, implemented on the island of Stora Essingen in Stockholm.

Mattiasa Stenberga
A tree house

The architect was inspired by the concept of a treetop house, and the aim of the project was to create an ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, close to nature and with a view of the sea.

The black facade of the house was made of vertically arranged wooden facade panels made of Siberian larch, fired and finished in the SILESIA-1 variant. In the case of this model, omitting the brushing step allows you to maintain the characteristic cracked surface on the charred board. Thanks to the properties of the wood species and the conservation technique used, this board variant is perfect for outdoor use

Interestingly, the building was designed in such a way that the length of the individual walls of the house was a multiple of 135 mm, i.e. the length of the shorter side of the board. Thanks to this, there was no need to cut the boards when assembling the facade, which would have exposed the internal, non-carbonized part. As a consequence, each corner, window or door recess begins and ends with a whole four-sided board.

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