Burnt oak boards as an element of interior design

Timeless black perfectly emphasizes the minimalism and elegance of the room, which is why it is often used in interior design. This color gives the room a strong tone, giving it character and expression.

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Burnt oak boards as an element of interior design

A great alternative to classic wall painting is the use of fired wall boards.

In the case of this project, oak wood was chosen, which is one of the hardest wood species. The natural durability of oak resulting from its physical and mechanical properties was additionally increased by fire preservation. The outer surface of the board was heavily charred, which gave it a characteristic cracked structure, commonly known as “crocodile skin”. Burnt boards were used in both the living room and the kitchen. They were used, among other things, to frame the unique fireplace, located in the central part of the living room. Importantly, prior burning also increases the fire-resistant properties of the wood on the inside, and the appropriate fire classification (NRO) is ensured by the layer of special protective substances applied. There is also a black accent in the kitchen – the wall along with the door and the front of the cabinet are covered with fired boards.

It is worth remembering that black works best in rooms where there is plenty of light. In the case of this implementation, the appropriate amount of natural daylight is provided by large windows, covering almost the entire surface of one of the walls. In the evenings, artificial, warm lighting makes the interior seem spacious and cozy. A good solution is also to combine black with light, neutral colors (grays, off-white), as well as glass and noble, natural fabrics.


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