A modern barn with a summer version

Simplicity and functionality is what currently distinguishes modern summer houses.

A modern barn with a summer version

These were the assumptions that the investor was guided by when he decided to build his escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of the city, on a plot located among picturesque forests and meadows.

Large glazing in the gable wall, on the one hand, allows you to admire nature and views, and at the same time provide a passive source of light inside the building. The modern summer house was built using frame technology, the gable roof is covered with sheet metal, and the black façade is covered with black boards fired according to the Shou Sugi Ban method.

The summer house is intended to be a meeting place for family and friends, but it will only be used periodically throughout the year. Therefore, when selecting materials, their durability was taken into account, which will be put to the test in the winter season when the house will not be inhabited. The investor’s concept was to make a wooden facade in such a way that the facade would not require periodic maintenance. Therefore, the choice fell on charred wood and a board finished in the SILESIA-2 variant.

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