Installation of Shou Sugi Ban Wood of Fire Charred Boards

Shou Sugi Ban charred boards, thanks to the use of a non-toxic charring process and four-sided impregnation, stand out for their exceptional durability and strength. Charred Shou Sugi Ban boards are suitable for standard cladding types.

Installation of Shou Sugi Ban Wood of Fire Charred Boards

The installer should adhere to the same installation recommendations as for traditional wooden cladding. Installing charred boards does not require special components or additional tools. A properly designed and well-installed facade with charred boards will make the wood resistant to external factors and preserve its unique appearance for years.

Installation of Shou Sugi Ban Charred Boards:

  1. Charred facade boards should be stored in a covered area in their original packaging before installation.
  2. For the frame construction, use system aluminum or wooden elements made of dry, planed wood.
  3. The spacing between battens should not exceed 60 cm.
  4. Maintain a minimum of 20 mm of ventilation space (provide air circulation beneath the facade board) between the charred facade board and the insulation layer.
  5. Use self-drilling stainless steel screws for installing charred facade boards.
  6. It is recommended that the first charred facade board be installed at least 30 cm above the ground.

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