Charred Wood Shou Sugi Ban and Protection Against Harsh Weather Conditions

Who hasn’t dreamed at least once of an early morning view from the window of the beautiful Polish Tatra Mountains emerging from behind the clouds while enjoying a cup of good coffee or tea?

Charred Wood Shou Sugi Ban and Protection Against Harsh Weather Conditions

Perhaps only a few. Anyone who would like to momentarily slow down in the constant hustle and bustle of reality, remember this name well… Przystań nad Listepką.

Away from the city hustle and bustle. In a charming location on a hill, offering a view of the beautiful Polish nature panorama. It is here – in Łopuszna – that investors have decided to build rental holiday cottages, creating a unique space for relaxation and rest.


Ecological. Natural. Timeless.

When thinking about building a house with a modern barn atmosphere, one of the important aspects that comes to mind is the choice of materials. Despite the introduction of many other functional materials to the market, wood is still the most commonly used material in the finishing process of exteriors. In addition to its beneficial properties, it blends perfectly into the natural landscape, which is so invaluable in today’s times.

The charred boards used to cover the external walls are a product from the Polish manufacturer of charred boards, Wood of Fire. To achieve a unique charred structure and depth of color, they underwent intensive thermal treatment in special kilns, gaining not only extraordinary aesthetic values but also beneficial properties. By using the traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban method known for thousands of years, wood gains excellent preservation and is adequately protected against weather factors and mechanical damage.


Charred Wood Shou Sugi Ban – Natural Beauty Within Your Reach

The charred facade boards made of Siberian larch SILESIA 2 are an option for anyone who wants their facade to be characterized primarily by high-quality material finishing, its beneficial properties, as well as natural beauty and extraordinary visual values, which they can enjoy for many years.

Seeing many unique modern BARN-style projects using charred boards thanks to the Shou Sugi Ban technique, it’s not surprising that this is one of the best choices and a method that ensures good longevity of the material, along with the desired appearance.

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