Charred Shou Sugi Ban Decking Boards from Wood of Fire

A deck at home is a special place where we like to spend leisurely moments, relax, chat, and gather with friends on warm days. It’s important to properly furnish our dream relaxation oasis.

Charred Shou Sugi Ban Decking Boards from Wood of Fire

The first decision is choosing the material for our deck. In this article, you will find tips on whether it’s worth considering a wooden deck made of charred Shou Sugi Ban boards.

One of the advantages of charred Shou Sugi Ban decking boards is their unique appearance, which no one will pass by indifferently. Proper impregnation through wood charring, followed by protection with appropriate agents, allows for maintaining the functionality of the wood for years!

In the current era of tropical heatwaves, an important advantage of charred decking boards is the fact that wood does not heat up as much as composite boards, which are often used as substitutes for decking boards. When purchasing charred decking boards, it’s worth paying attention to their thickness. The thicker the board, the more durable it is. We offer boards in various options from 24mm to 27mm. When choosing charred decking boards, we recommend selecting boards made of Siberian larch, which, thanks to its exceptional characteristics, can confidently compete in durability with exotic boards. If you’re interested in purchasing charred Shou Sugi Ban decking boards, feel free to contact us! We offer charred decking boards made of pine, spruce, thermally modified pine, Accoya, and many other wood species!

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