Wooden Facade Installation

A person’s attire is their calling card — just as the facade of a house. It’s no wonder then that we are increasingly choosing interesting wooden facades that transform the appearance of a building.

Wooden Facade Installation

Installation of Wooden Facades on Various Buildings

Facade boards can be installed on various structures, and while this material, due to its natural style, harks back to olden times, it equally suits modern single-family and commercial buildings. Wooden facades make the entire building seem much cozier, friendlier, and safer. Additionally, they look great both in the shade and in the sun. A facade installed by a specialist will serve for a long time and will be an extraordinary calling card for your home or business, which your relatives, passers-by, or customers will surely appreciate. Interestingly, wooden boards can be arranged in many ways, depending on the appearance and style of the building. Thus, a facade laid vertically, horizontally, or at a 45-degree angle will look perfect. Moreover, contrary to appearances, the installation itself is quite fast, and the costs associated with making such a “calling card” are not higher than those for standard facades.


Charred Boards for Facade

If you want your wooden facade on a single-family or commercial building to be both original and durable, it is worth opting for the highest quality products, such as the Shou Sugi Ban charred boards available in our offer. We use various types of wood to make the boards, including popular oak, Scandinavian spruce, or Siberian larch. Moreover, we offer professional installation of our products in Poland and beyond. Our installation teams will execute your wooden facade on single-family, commercial, and other buildings with attention to every detail.

An interesting option we offer at Wood of Fire is the possibility of painting the wood with appropriate stains; in this case, we do not char the boards but apply what is known as machine painting. We warmly invite you to explore the entire Wood of Fire offer and order free wood samples, which will help you choose the best boards for your facade!

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