Wood for a Gastronomic Garden

After autumn and winter, when the first rays of sun come out and it finally gets warmer, everyone dreams of enjoying the beautiful weather.

Wood for a Gastronomic Garden

There are many ways to do this, and one of them is to take advantage of the gastronomic gardens located at your favorite restaurant or bar. Many people opt for this solution, so it’s worth ensuring that there is a suitable place to set up tables and chairs. Not every place in the city will have an even sidewalk where furniture can be easily placed. In such situations, a good solution will be to create a special platform where this will be possible. Of course, there are many different materials from which it can be made. However, the best solution for years to come will be charred wood.

Charred Boards for the Gastronomic Garden

The Shou Sugi Ban method allows for the proper preparation of wood against various external factors. That’s why it’s worth using fire-charred boards! They are extremely durable and resistant to weather changes. Moreover, they look great. That’s why it’s an excellent solution that every gastronomic garden owner will enjoy for years. However, the question remains – which type of wood to choose? In cases where we know that many people will use the gastronomic garden simultaneously, it’s worth choosing a really hard species. Siberian larch, for example, will perform well in any conditions, regardless of the weather.


A Gastronomic Garden with Wood of Fire

If you would like to create a gastronomic garden with fire-charred boards, choose Wood of Fire. We operate across Europe, which has allowed us to carry out many interesting projects for private individuals, companies, and cities. Such experience enables us to create durable projects tailored to the individual needs of each client. For more information, we encourage you to contact us – we will answer any questions

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