What Wood for House Facades?

In this article, we will advise you on which boards to choose so that a wooden facade looks beautiful while being very durable and resistant to various atmospheric factors.

What Wood for House Facades?

Best Wood for Facades – Overview of Species

To start, it’s worth considering the material itself, as wood comes in many varieties that perform well under different climatic conditions. The most common and popular choices include:

  • Scandinavian Spruce – Ideal in changeable weather, a popular choice in Poland due to its adaptability.
  • Ash – Offers durability and flexibility, minimizing the risk of cracks and decay.
  • Siberian Larch – Characterized by unique graining that gives the facade a unique and exclusive look.
  • Accoya – Known for its unmatched durability and strength, recommended for demanding projects.
  • Thermo Pine – Boards made from this species are resistant to biodegradation, translating to a long lifespan (about 20-25 years) without the need for oiling. This wood is also resin-saturated.

Wood Protection – What to Look Out For?

Opting for wood necessitates regular impregnation and protection against pests. Repeating this process frequently can be tedious and time-consuming. Thus, if you dream of a wooden facade but want something durable that doesn’t require excessive maintenance, then wood burned using the Shou Sugi Ban method, available in our offer, will be the perfect choice!


Burned Wood – Durability and Aesthetics

Our burned boards can retain their properties for even 100 years, remaining attractively unchanged. We offer various types of burned wood to perfectly match any architectural style. The Shou Sugi Ban method, based on traditional Japanese techniques, guarantees exceptional resistance to adverse weather conditions, decay, rot, and insect attacks. Moreover, it not only increases the wood’s resistance to external factors but also gives it a unique appearance.



When choosing wood for a facade, it’s worthwhile to consider the species that will best meet expectations both aesthetically and functionally. Wood burned using the Shou Sugi Ban method is an excellent option for those who value durability, minimal maintenance, and a unique appearance of their home.

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