Unique and Durable Wooden Facade

A wooden facade made of charred boards from Wood of Fire is an original way to create a distinctive and long-lasting wooden facade.

Unique and Durable Wooden Facade

Proper charring of the wood in special ovens allows for the natural texture to emerge and increases the wood’s resistance to external factors several times compared to regular impregnation. Standard wooden facades require regular maintenance to preserve their natural beauty over the years. With proper and regular impregnation, a wooden facade can retain its aesthetics and functionality for as long as possible. The Japanese technique of wood charring, known as Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi, offers additional impregnation, making the boards exceptionally durable and resistant to moisture, decay, and various pests. Through proper charring and four-sided impregnation, Wood of Fire boards extend the wood maintenance interval several times over and allow you to maintain the beautiful appearance of your facade for years.

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