Les Cabanes de Rensiwez

The Ardennes is a very diverse, heavily forested region in southeastern Belgium. In this place, popular among tourists, you can find many unique accommodation options.

Les Cabanes de Rensiwez

One of them is Domaine des Cabanes de Rensiwez, which offers comfortable accommodation to its guests all year round.

The heavily forested, mountainous and upland area made building houses in such a place not the easiest. This demanding task was undertaken by Julien Croisier’s team – Just Wood It. It is a Polish company specializing in the design and construction of wooden structures in four main technologies: post-and-beam, solid wood, log and frame. Due to the difficult-to-reach and very steep terrain, a helicopter was used to deliver the necessary materials during construction.

Several of the houses have a wood-burning facade and a roof covered with green moss with a stone chimney piercing through it. This makes the houses harmoniously blend in with the surrounding wild nature, and at the same time gives the entire complex a fairy-tale atmosphere. The façade was made of fired boards in the MAZURIA-2 variant. The interiors are also finished with charred wood panels and equipped with stone bathtubs, huge beds and cozy places by the fireplaces.

The striking beauty of the hills, lush green forests and the calmly flowing river make the stay here an unforgettable experience for visitors.

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