Price of Charred Boards – Factors Influencing the Final Cost

The cost of the charred wooden panels depends on many factors that affect the final price of our product.

Price of Charred Boards – Factors Influencing the Final Cost

First and foremost, one of the most significant factors is the specific variant of the board and its dimensions. The price includes specific lengths/widths of boards and various profiles, which we are also able to produce at the customer’s request. During the ordering process of our products, our customers can count on professional advice from the entire Wood of Fire team, which, thanks to its many years of experience, provides all relevant information and helps in choosing a specific variant as well as the lengths of available boards to minimize waste generated during the installation of wooden facades. Our specialists offer assistance not only in selecting the right material for individual investments, calculating the project, or preparing a personalized offer but also in all matters related to the installation of charred boards on facades and interiors.

How is the finished product created? – The art of burning straight from Japan

The wood is subjected to thermal processing through high and constant temperature generated in special ovens, which burns the top layer of cellulose from the wood. Of course, burning can be done independently using a gas cylinder, but in no way does this method reflect the quality and durability of the product that is impregnated in a controlled manner. These are not issues related only to the visual effect, such as an interesting charred structure, but also to beneficial properties such as protection against the effects of weather and mechanical conditions. The above-mentioned properties can only be obtained by burning with the mentioned technique. The Japanese technique Shou Sugi Ban, also known as Yakisugi, allows for excellent wood preservation and burning of the top layer of cellulose as well as prevention against all damage from pests or growing fungi, which makes the wood resistant for many years.


Custom Impregnation of Charred Boards – Why Choose the Wood of Fire Brand

At Wood of Fire, we offer a four-sided custom wood impregnation. Not only the top layer of the structure is protected, but also the reverse side, which allows for additional protection of the wood and positively affects its resistance. This impregnation also allows for the extraction of natural pigment, which does not oxidize. By choosing to purchase charred boards from Wood of Fire, our customers can count on a material with unique visual qualities, but most importantly, on a high-quality product. This guarantees satisfaction with the choice made for many years.

Get to know our products up close

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