Office in the Garden

In today’s world, remote work is becoming increasingly common. However, in most cases, it’s difficult to separate the professional zone from the private one.

Office in the Garden

Is it possible to combine these zones, save money on commuting, and have nature close at hand, just outside the window? In response to this, the vision of garden offices emerges, which is gaining immense interest in many regions around the world.


Black Office – Home Office in Black

One investment that follows the new solutions in the form of small pavilions arranged in garden spaces is the home office established in the Dutch province. The benefits that are immediately apparent include primarily the combination of functionality and simplicity, guaranteeing space and comfort for work, while the proximity to nature and lush vegetation around provide peace and quiet, positively influencing well-being.

The minimalist form and attention-grabbing black facade are thanks to wood charred using the special Shou Sugi Ban method from the Wood of Fire board manufacturer, which uniquely integrates into the garden space. Through the charring and preservation process, the wood gains enhanced durability and is additionally resistant to harmful external factors.

The Siberian larch wood used for the black facade planks, SILESIA 3, in the project is an ideal solution for planned investments, where the investor will particularly appreciate the selection of high-quality material and its longevity, along with its natural beauty. The aesthetic qualities, combined with the aforementioned advantages, thus create a functional living space and a unique atmosphere.

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