Installation of Wooden Facades and Terraces

Dreaming of a unique outdoor space that captivates with its aesthetics and warmth? At Wood of Fire, we believe the secret to achieving this goal lies in using wooden facades.

Installation of Wooden Facades and Terraces

Our solutions not only highlight the beauty of exterior walls but also add a unique character to the entire property.


Boards Compatible with Every Project

We specialize in producing boards using the Shou Sugi Ban method – an ancient technique that, by charring wood, not only emphasizes its natural beauty but also increases its resistance to external factors. This unique method combines the power of fire and water, creating products perfect for use on both facades and terraces. Our boards already adorn many buildings, terraces, fences, and gates throughout Poland, Europe, and beyond.


Shou Sugi Ban: The Secret of Exceptional Durability

The Shou Sugi Ban technique, which we have been using for hundreds of years, allows for the creation of not only beautiful but also durable facades. Thanks to this method, our boards are resistant to pests and atmospheric conditions. We ensure that our solutions will serve you for years, maintaining their unique aesthetic and technical properties.


Comprehensive Solutions for Your Facade and Terrace

At Wood of Fire, we don’t just limit ourselves to producing boards. We offer a full range of installation services, adjusting installation techniques to the individual needs of each client. Our experience includes a wide range of projects – from production halls, through hotels, to single-family homes. We also realize modern terraces that are the perfect complement to any garden. Thanks to numerous installation teams, we can offer our clients convenient schedules and perform installation work very quickly.


Order Free Samples

We encourage you to take advantage of our offer of free samples, which will allow for an exact match of boards to your project. Discover how a charred wood facade or terrace can transform your outdoor space. At Wood of Fire, we passionately create solutions that combine the beauty of natural wood with modern technology and craftsmanship. Contact us to learn more about how we can help with your wooden facade or terrace project.

Get to know our products up close

Order a sample and experience the unique character of wood fired using the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban method.


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