How to Take Care of Charred Boards Outdoors?

Having wooden cladding, furniture, or fencing is a dream for some of us. However, what needs to be remembered is that it entails the obligation of proper impregnation of the material.

How to Take Care of Charred Boards Outdoors?

Firstly, so it looks good, and secondly, it is durable and resistant to various weather conditions over the years. This is especially important when the wood is exposed to the harmful effects of the sun, rain, or frost. This must be remembered for both regular planks and those charred by fire. The latter, through high-temperature treatment, has already gained resistance and durability, which in itself is a method of impregnation. This process removes cellulose, which often becomes food for various kinds of fungi or insects. Getting rid of it reduces the risk of the material rotting. However, it is important to remember to periodically take additional care of the fire-charred boards to keep them hard and resistant to moisture.


Oiling as a Way to Care for Fire-Charred Boards

Another method of impregnation is oiling. Proper saturation of the material with natural substances allows it to absorb into the raw material’s structures. As a result, fire-charred boards will be protected both from the outside and from the inside. This makes the surface pleasant to the touch and looks excellent. However, before applying oil, the wood needs to be properly prepared. First, it must be cleaned by sanding the surface, and then wiping it from dust or dirt. In the next step, it is advisable to wait until the wood dries, as otherwise, the applied impregnant will not bond properly. Only after thorough drying can the first layer of oil be applied. Depending on the needs, several coats should be applied to make the material more durable and resistant to changing weather conditions. So, if you are wondering how to care for fire-charred boards, oiling is one of the more effective treatments that should be repeated every about 5 years to ensure the durability of the wood.

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