Four-sided Impregnation

Our four-sided impregnation technology is a response to the growing market demands for building materials that combine durability with a unique design.

Four-sided Impregnation

One might think that natural wood, after its surface has been charred, would become brittle and susceptible to many external factors. However, it is not the case for Shou Sugi Ban boards. Controlling the entire charring process strengthens the material, making it more fire-resistant than regular boards. Moreover, the burnt cellulose does not serve as food for bacteria and fungi, significantly reducing the chance of wood rot. This increases the natural product’s resistance to various external factors like rain, snow, sun, or freezing temperatures. It allows for many years of enjoyment from flawless facades or fences made of fire-charred boards.

An important factor is also the application of a specially developed impregnation method that prevents the wood from staining and remains odorless. At Wood of Fire, we focus on an innovative approach that revolutionizes the industry – four-sided impregnation. Besides the front of the board, all side surfaces are also protected, and additional protection of the board’s reverse side is possible. We also apply the four-sided impregnation for protecting boards to the non-combustibility level. Four-sided protection of painted boards is also possible on individual order. This unique technology, resulting from our commitment to perfecting traditional methods, not only provides the boards with a unique appearance but unmatched durability. Therefore, our products are the perfect choice for those who value both aesthetics and functionality.


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