Fence Made of Charred Wood Shou Sugi Ban

A fence serves as the calling card of our home. It should complement and harmonize with the surrounding architecture and landscape, while also being an attention-grabbing element that one cannot ignore.

Fence Made of Charred Wood Shou Sugi Ban

Charred wood is highly sought after as a material for building fences. Its natural coloring, originality, and unique style are characteristic features of charred boards. However, what is also worth considering when choosing the material is its increased resistance to weather factors, durability, and excellent preservation. Each of these properties, without the use of chemical agents, can be achieved through the Shou Sugi Ban method. Another aspect is, of course, the installation, which becomes an easy and quick task with a properly prepared substrate.

Thanks to the carefully selected natural color palette and the distinctive texture obtained through the charring process using the mentioned technique, fences made of charred wood can seamlessly blend into virtually any architectural style, creating an exceptional space in the process.

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