Dooes Burnt Wood Stain?

As our concern for the environment grows, we increasingly seek building and finishing materials that are close to nature.

Dooes Burnt Wood Stain?

Burnt wood, processed through the Shou Sugi Ban method, is gaining popularity for both interior and exterior applications due to its aesthetics and durability. However, the question arises whether such material could be a source of stains in the home or on clothing.


No Worries About Stains

While intuition might suggest that charred wood could stain, the Shou Sugi Ban technology contradicts these fears. Wood processed in this way leaves no traces nor emits an unpleasant burnt smell. This is due to a meticulous treatment process that not only strengthens the wood but also makes it resistant to staining.


Impregnation for Additional Protection

The key to ensuring that Shou Sugi Ban burnt wood does not stain is its four-sided impregnation and protection. These additional steps in the production process not only protect the wood from external factors but also increase its lifespan compared to unburnt wood.


The Combination of Fire and Wood – Delightful Effects

Despite the seemingly risky combination of fire with wood, the controlled burning process yields incredible results. Our offer includes non-staining, burnt planks made from high-quality wood, such as Scandinavian spruce or Siberian larch, available in various textures to meet the individual needs of each customer.


Versatility of Applications

Wood processed with the Shou Sugi Ban method guarantees not only a lack of stains but also versatility in applications. It fits into many interior designs – from bedrooms to kitchens, and it also works excellently outdoors as cladding, garden furniture, and more. Choosing this material means investing in long-lasting beauty without the additional effort of maintaining cleanliness.



Opting for wood processed by the Shou Sugi Ban method is a decision that brings not only aesthetic benefits but also practicality and ease of maintenance. Thanks to advanced production techniques, you can enjoy the beauty of wood without worries about stains, making it an ideal choice for modern, environmentally conscious homes.

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