Charred Wood Shou Sugi Ban in Loft Interiors

Designing a restaurant is no small challenge. Its unique interior makes us want to spend hours there.

Charred Wood Shou Sugi Ban in Loft Interiors

So how do you arrange it to attract as many customers as possible and be considered a place worth recommending to everyone?

In the arrangement of loft-style restaurants, not only the color scheme is important, but also the selection of appropriate materials. It is thanks to them that the atmosphere is created, which makes us want to be in such places. In addition to colors, the basis of such an interior is the combination of wood and steel. Wall finishes, appropriate tables, and accessories are key when arranging a restaurant in an industrial style. Focusing on minimalism, when choosing materials, it is worth paying attention to ensure that they not only serve a practical function but also fulfill a decorative one.

One such restaurant that attracts with its design is Anthony Bacon – Burger & Bar in Berlin. The main goal pursued by the Investor was to pay special attention to the finish of the walls and tables made of wood, which in a unique way give the loft space its character and warm up the interior with their color and structure. The walls in the interiors were made of charred boards using the SHOU SUGI BAN method. Thanks to the mentioned technique, wood gains excellent preservation and resistance to all types of mechanical damage, and in addition to its beneficial properties, it stands out for its timelessness, which is the main goal pursued by architects and investors when choosing materials for their projects.

As we can see, charred boards are suitable not only for facades of houses, hotels, or industrial halls but also as wall finishes in interiors, which can give a unique atmosphere to practically any interior.

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